Dr. Roddie Nelson

Dr. Roddie Nelson is a leader who has spent over 20 years as a pastor, missionary, professor, counselor, author, strategist, and keynote speaker. His number one desire is to empower people to fulfill destiny. 

After attending East Tennessee State University, Roddie completed his undergraduate work and obtained a Masters degree in theology at Covenant Bible College and Seminary. Then he completed and received his Ph.D. in Christian Psychology from Rhema University.

Dr. Nelson created Vertical in order to help people overcome adversity, believe in themselves, and reach their highest potential. Roddie’s mission is to bring people to a place of achievement and fulfillment.

Learn more about our ministry at www.roddienelson.com


All clients are welcome but please note that ALL counseling will be administered from a Christian/Biblical Worldview. If you are uncomfortable with this but still would like to be mentored/coached by Vertical, we have options for you.